Stock of DHFL Fallen More than 9 Percent in Intraday, Can We Sold for Tomorrow Trading

Diwan Housing Finance or DHFL Shares Fallen more than 9 percent Today Intraday and it has broken last 5 year lower record.  Finally DHFL has closed at the level of 64.70. Fundamental reason, Investors are selling shares of DHFl in fear that the EPFO can make 50% of its investment in the company before the maturity.

<img src="stock.gif" alt="tips for Tomorrow">

Stock for Tomorrow Intraday

@ Day or Short term Trader Can Sold DHFL Stock for Tomorrow Intraday trading around 65 to 63 targets 57, 53 Stop Loss 73. You can book profit intraday or hold it 2 or 3 days.   


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