NSE Page Industries Stock Have Fallen Intraday, Short Sell for Short term Trading

BSE Sensex and NSe Nifty are trading positive Signal due to global support. Mid Cap and small cap stocks are also getting buying Signal. BSE’s Small cap Index is up 0.91% with the strength of 14833.46. At the same time, the mid-cap index is trading 0.55 percent higher at 15,027.97 levels.

Page Industries

The Share of NSE Page Industries have fallen more than 10 percent at 19735 rupees. Stock has gone to lowest level of 52 weeks. The Company results march quarter were quite poor. During this period, the company’s income was flat and profit was weak.

Sold Page Industries for Short term

Short term Investors Can Sold Page Industries below 19735 for targets 19465, 19175 Stop Loss 20069, hold it 2 or 3 days.

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