HDFC Bank Board plan to Split Shares of face value Rs 1, Buy HDFC Bank Stock for Long Term

The largest HDFC Bank Private Sector is preparing to split its shares. The bank can split its shares on 22 May 2019. This move of the bank will increase liquidity.

Face value will decrease

Board of HDFC Bank has also decided to reduce the face value of the shares. The face value of the bank shares is just 2 rupees. After split it will be 1 rupee.

HDFC Bank shares have climbed more than 1 percent to Rs 2,358 during the news of Split. According to the information given to the exchange, HDFC Bank is preparing to split its stock on 22 May 2019 . The board can divide every share into two parts.

What is the advantage of Split?

When the price of shares increases a lot, then any company splits the shares so that the price of the shares is halfway. As the stock price drops, more and more investors can buy them. This increases liquidity. Talking about HDFC, its share has increased 17 percent in the last one year.

Second time stock split

This is the second time when HDFC Bank is spilling its shares. Earlier in July 2011, the bank split the stock according to 1.5. That is, a share of 10 rupees was divided into 5 shares of 2 rupees. HDFC Bank now has an equity capital of Rs 545 crores and fully paid shares of Rs 220 crores.

HDFC Bank Investment Ideas for Short Term

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