The splendid Results of Shobha, New Sales Increased by 920 million @ Buy Shobha Stock for Intraday & Short term

Shobha has presented excellent sales figures in the fourth quarter. The fourth quarter of fiscal year 2019 Sales grew 11 percent, while sales were up 24 percent on quarter-on-quarter basis.

In The fourth quarter of FY 2019, Shobha sales have increased from Rs 810 crore to Rs 920 crore. There was also an increase in average realization. In the fourth quarter, the company average realization is 8,152 per square foot.

On the quarterly basis, Chennai sales volume increased 43% in the fourth quarter of the financial year 2019, while the Gurugram sales volume has increased by 34%. Bangalore Cell Volume has increased 37 percent. In the fourth quarter, the company has the highest in Bangalore.

@ Intraday Trader Can Buy SOBHA above 500 for targets 507, 512 Stop Loss 493.

@ Short Term View Buy Shobha Stock above 490 to 500 targets 529, 549 Stop Loss 469, hold it 8 to 10 days.

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