New Finance Year will be better for Stock Market industry, Loss Recovery Short Term Stock for Investment

The last Financial year Market has performed brilliantly. But the performance of companies has not been special. Earnings growth of companies was slow. A new year has begun from today. Talking about the Stock Market Industry view of this year, FII investment will continue even further, due to which the new financial year will be better for the economy and the industry.

There is a slight decrease in demand growth in the consumer sector. Talking about the Credit Policy, Interest rates are expected to be cut by 0.25 percent. The Government has done a good job on the financial front.

Loss Recovery Short Term Stock for Investment

Sun TV Network Ltd.: Buy Sun TV for Short term perspective Above 620 for target 675 Stop Loss 600 you can hold it 2 week.

Cadila Healthcare Ltd: Buy CADILAHC for 2 week holding around 340 to 345 target 380 Stop Loss 321.

Raymond Limited: Buy RAYMOND 810 to 820 for target 880 Stop Loss 791. You can hold it 10 to 15 days.

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