Sensex & Nifty Stands Up @ Live Stocks for Intraday Given by Expert

SENSEX stands up at Rs 35,794.57 which is open at Rs 36,113.27 making a difference of around 300 points. As for Nifty it stands at Rs 10,722.70 and it opened at Rs 10,807. Both NSE and BSE are in red today but some stocks are going Green. Q3 reports are effecting the market allots.

Intraday Stocks for Trader

Yes Bank Limited: Buy Yesbank for Intraday above 185 targets 189, 193 put Stop Loss 179.

Strides Pharma Science Ltd: Buy STAR Shares for Intraday above 485 targets 495, 505 Stop Loss 471.

Bata India Ltd: Buy BATAINDIA for Today above 1155 for Targets 1161, 1167 Stop Loss 1149.

Kaveri Seed Company: Buy KSCL for Intraday above 559 targets 564, 569 Put Stop Loss 553.

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