Stock Market Indices Trading Flat, Today Buzzing Stock for Intraday Trading

The benchmark Sensex and Nifty indices are trading flat today, with gains in IT and realty sectors. At Present BSE -30 Share Index is trading 38399 with gain 37 points. Other hand Nifty have lost 6 point and trading at 11526.

Today buzzing stocks is Infosys were up 3 per cent to Rs 742 on the NSE in early morning trade, it has gained more than 4 percent in 2 working days.

Intraday Buzzing Stock for Trading

Radico Khaitan Limited: Buy RADICO for Intraday Cash above 399 for targets 406, 411 Stop loss 393.

HCL Technologies Ltd: Sold HCLTECH below 1051 for targets 1041, 1035 Stop Loss 1061.

Bharat Forge Ltd: Sold BHARATFORG below 513 targets 508, 501 Stop Loss 517.

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