How the IT & Auto Sector Stocks Moves this Year 2019, Best Stock of IT Sector for Investment

The End of year, we are Calculate whole one year business It and Auto Sector.   Today is the turn of IT sector and auto sector. IT index accounted for 22% in 1 year. It is getting 11 percent higher valuation than IT average of 5 years. 8% more value than the Nifty.

Look at the auto sector, The Nifty Auto Index dropped 22 percent in 1 year. With the increase in costs and decrease in demand, the concern of the auto sector has increased. High interest rates have also shown the effect. Dealers have a lot of inventory. Auto production cuts are seen across the country.

 HCL Technologies Ltd : Buy HCLTECH for Short term weekly around 1025 to 1035 for targets 1079, 1097 Stop Loss 9987.

NIIT Technologies Ltd.: Buy NIITTECH for Short term weekly above 1300 for targets 1339, 1363 Stop Loss 1269

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